Many  Advantages  at Competitive Prices


  • Positive connection between sides of Beam

  • Lower total cost

  • Hook and leverage one bolt easy installation

  • Easy positioning and adjustment

  • Meets building code requirements

  • No welding or drilling Holes needed

  • Strong connection

  • Fast attachment

  • Uses one or two bolts

  • Use Standard Strut Channel

  • Other special hanger channels possible

  • Works well with offset loading         

  • Simple hanger clips combined with the QuakeClamp
    and strut channel becomes the basis for creating many
    new hanger solutions.

  • All the hanger clips are inserted into the strut channel
    engaging with the QuakeClamp.   The square hole
    lines up with the center hole in the clamp with a common
    bolt tying them together.

  • The simplest configuration uses a simple flat hanger
    clip bolted together with the outside of one side of
    the clamp. Two clips can sandwich flat objects.

  • The QuakeClamp entraps the strut channel at the
    point where the hanger clip engages inside the strut

  • The QuakeClamp prevents the deformation
    of the strut channel as loads are applied.  Our tests
    show that the simplest clip will support the whole
    load (over 5600 Lbs.) of one side of the clamp.

  • U-shape hanger clips provide many options for
    hanging loads.  

  • U-shape hangers also provide a means
    to link the two sides of the clamp together
    using short bolts.

  • U-shape clips also provide effective
    means to secure the clamp and strut to stop  
    strut channel from sliding through the clamp.
Hanger Clip Attachment - Works with QuakeClamp and Strut Channels
Trapeze Hanger Assembly
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Multi Size
Pipe Hanger
with built-in
Dimpled holes In Strut Channel allows fast evenly spaced attachment of
common pipe clamps. Self threading sheet metal screws are used.
US Patent 8,714,495  
US Patent 8,480,041  
This Style of pipe clamp allows the same pointed screw used to attach it to the
dimpled strut channel and other surfaces to also tighten clamp around the conduit
or pipe while providing an easy grip and protection from the pointed tip.  
"V" Struts are very strong members that allow use of
QuakeClamps. Dimpled holes allow pipe clamps to be
attached using sheet metal screws.  Standard size
slotted holes are in the base.
Many potential
attaching Angles
US Patents
Quick QuakeClamp