• The QuakeClamp has been tested by North Carolina State University  Constructed
    Facilities Laboratory.

  • The testing plan was developed and results analyzed by the NCSU Department of Civil,
    Construction, and Environmental Engineering

    Testing was conducted to the MSS SP-58-2009
    Standard for Pipe Hangers and Supports -
    Materials, Design, Manufacture, and Installation.
Test Evaluation and Reporting
NuClamp Product Test Facility
Product Testing
Excel Workbooks Maintain Record of Tests
Engineering - Testing & New Product Development

Cutting Edge System that will Revolutionize Attaching

     40 Ton Air over Hydraulic H-frame Press

  • Heavy-Duty adjustable support frame.

  • Variety of fixtures and attachments to attaching loads to.

  • 50,000 Load Cell

  • Digital load display calibrated with the load cell

  • Speed of ram controlled by air valves.

  • Dial indicators monitor movement

  • All tests are video recorded and saved

  • Results shown on video are recorded on to Excel Workbooks

  • Pounds of force are recorded for each 10/1000 inch movement

  • Graphs visually compare multiple tests for each configuration

  • Excel Work-Books maintain data on tests.

  • Graphs are included for comparisons.

  • Pictures show setup.
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