•      Positive connection between sides of Beam

  •      Does not rely on friction

  •      With stood prolonged violent shake testing

  •      Meets building code requirements

  •        Mounts on straight or tapered flanges

  •        Wedge locks clamp in place

  •        Clamps Pipes

  •        Clamps Strut Channels

  •        Creates Many Hangers

  •        Fast attachment to center of I-Beam

  •       Use special gripping crossbar

  •       Only product on market that does this
QuakeClamp Story and Introduction of the Hanger-Clips
QuakeClamp Story and Benefits
How to Videos
Tips for Adding Clips to  Struts and Clamps Already Installed
US Patent  
In Line Clamping to Center of an I-Beam
Slotted Hanger Clip for Threaded Rods
Hanging Strut Channels Vertically
  •         Quick hanging loads with threaded rods

  •     Strong method of hanging load support
  •         Quickly Hang Strut Channels Vertically

  •     Strong Method for Hanging Loads
Struts installed with QuakeClamps

  •          Many ways to connect loads to strut
    channels on I-Beams

  •     Strong method for hanging a variety of loads
Slots in the base that includes sharp
bent edges increase the resistance to
Quickly Attach Hanger Clips
to provide easy attachment
of threaded rods.
Hanger Clips can be bent to
provide the basis for bracing
Multi-use Hanger Clips