• 40 Ton Air over Hydraulic H-frame Press

  • Heavy-Duty adjustable support frame with a variety of fixtures and attachments to attaching
    loads to.

  • 50,000 Load Cell with a digital load display calibrated with the load cell

  • Speed of ram controlled by air valves.

  • Dial indicators monitor movement

  • All tests are video recorded and saved

  • Results shown on video are recorded on to Excel Workbooks

  • Pounds of force are recorded for each 10/1000 inch movement

  • Graphs visually compare multiple tests for each configuration
  • Steel Bars are used for testing because strut channels fail before the

  • Special Beam fixtures made to provide passage of push-bar through
    the center.

  • Clamps attach to the bottom where the push-bar applies force
    exactly in the center of the member held by the clamps.

  • Movement of end of the member being held is monitored by dial
45 Degree Fixture - Concurrent  Vertical and Longitudinal Loading
NuClamp Test Press
  •        Fixture designed to attach clamp assembly on the bottom of a
    beam on a 45 degree slope.  

  •        This applies force vertically and longitudinally at the same time
Cantilevered Torsion Loading
  • This fixture allows force to be applied longitudinally to
    determine resistance for the clamp and strut channel assembly
    to slide along a beam.

  • It was found that a simple setscrew added to the middle of the
    hook area significantly increase resistance of the assembly
    sliding down the beam

  • Another way to prevent sliding is to place weld bumps on the
    edge of the flange for the clamp bodies to bump against

  • No stops are added on this example
Test Facility
US Patent Numbers
  • This setup measures the cantilevered force that
    the clamp         assembly will hold.  

  • This is how real world torsion is likely to be

  • Cantilevered load to 1595 ft. Lbs.  Measured from
    edge of beam.
Longitudinal Loading
  •        This fixture allows force to be applied in a transverse
    direction. This determines the resistance for the  strut channel
    to slide through the clamp assembly

  •        Simple effective methods using common hardware has     
    been found to greatly reduce movement.

  •        A simple strut nut, square washer and bolt is added to this
Transverse Loading
Normal - Vertical Loading
Tension or pull testing
This setup measures the force applied in
tension on hanger clips attached to two
The QuakeClamp fails
before the Hanger Clips

This clamp assembly
made up using one
u-shaped hanger clip
between the clamp
bodies failed at 11,970
before the Hanger Clips

This clamp assembly that
is made up of 2 u-shape
hanger clips with failed at
11,990 lbs.  
Thin I-Beam Flanges bend before QuakeClamps deform
Wide Hanger Clip
Provides Bracing Options
After Failure