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  •   Strut channels fail long before QuakeClamps

  •   Weld bump added to beam insures assembly does not slide

  •      Set Screw on center of hook triples force that makes clamp slide.

  •   Use two bolts on clamps for vertical beams.

  •   Cantilevered load to 1595 ft. Lbs.

  •        Weld bump on edge of beam flange provides a stop to insure that
    the clamp does not slide past it.

  •        Most MIG welding machines have spot weld settings that can make
    consistent spot weld that are well shaped for making a bump.
  •     Hook and leverage one bolt installation

  •     Easy positioning and adjustment

  •     Meets building code requirements

  •     Provides many cable tray support options

  •        Stays on beam even when loose

  •    One easy under the beam access bolt

  •    Save time in elevated position

  •    One person can install

  •    Easy to adjust while loose


  •      Gripping is maintained even after movement
  •     Clamps grip both sides of beam and strut the strut using one bolt  
  •     Works well with offset loading   
  •     Many bracing options      
  •     Simple stops eliminate sliding in either direction
Failure for pairs of
QuakeClamp in vertical
tests was over 11,000 Lbs.
In all ways tested with one or
two bolts tightened to from 5 to
15 ft. Lbs. Torque on different
flange thicknesses.
US Patents
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"L" or "U" shaped Hanger Clips
provides an easy way to increase
resistance to struts sliding through
the clamps in both directions.

A simple strut nut and square washer
against either side of the QuakeClamp
provides a lower but significant
resistance in one direction.
Single Strut QuakeClamp
QC1S7 with one bolt
As a strut channel slides
through the clamp a high
level of resistance is
Multiple Hanger Clips can
increase the resistance
against sliding.
When Carolina Lighting & Design relocated to a new building they used
QuakeClamps to hang and attach their display lighting.  This is what Bent Myers
said after they finished the move.  
“The positive connection was a huge benefit for us since the strut
position to hang our ceiling grids needed to be precise.  
The QuakeClamps saved us days if not weeks of labor
versus standard clamps.
(giving us the ability to adjust the struts while attached to the beams)“
Belting used as a spacer next to
beam allows QC1S7 to be used on
thinner flanges.
QuakeClamps (Beam Clamps) for attaching 1-5/8 X 1-5/8 strut channels to I-Beams      
QC1S7-48 Box of 48 pcs. Makes 24 Pair.  For thick flange thickness.
$102.00 + $15.00 Shipping = $117.00 for 24 pair Delivered)
QC1S2-48 Box of 48 pcs. Makes 24 Pair.  For thin flange thickness.  
$102.00 + $15.00 Shipping = $117.00 for 24 pair Delivered)
QC1S5-48 Box of 48 pcs. Makes 24 Pair.  For Medium flange thickness.  (most common)
$102.00 + $15.00 Shipping = $117.00 for 24 pair Delivered)
          Shipping prices are per box USPS for USA only
Bolts are not included.
Use any 3/8" bolt at least as long as 1" less than the width of the Beam flange.  
Square holes in clamps allow use of carriage bolts.
Flange Thickness measured near edge of beam's flange
This is an alternate way to
make the QuakeClamp using
thinner steel.  

Easy to make for
different size flanges