• Tabs in both direction

  • Tabs are bent to insert strapping

  • Tabs are straitened to contain strapping

  • Re-adjustment is simple

  • WedgeClamps for angles and simple channels

  • Made to order angles with specified  hole patterns and lengths

  • Made to order channels with specified  hole patterns and lengths

  • In-line attachment for seismic bracing

  • Use QuakeClamps along with special Cross-Clamps

  • Many options possible
  • Small screw is all that is needed to tighten

  • Eliminates load being on tip of bolt

  • Strong and stable clamps and hangers

  • Does not twist as easy as c-clamp style

  • Heavy duty V-struts interface with most fasteners

  • QuakeClamps provide easy connections with
standard strut channels

  • Self tapping screws allow use of power drivers

  • Many different strap clamps can be used
Strut Channels with Dimpled Holes - Under Development Patent # 8,770,885   
Strapping with Struts -  Under Development Patent # 8,770,885   

  • Hang trapeze using straps

  • Heavy duty 1" strapping

  • Use standard clamps in variety of ways

  • Straps can be routed many different ways
Under Development
New Product Development

  • Strut Channels with cut-outs that include tabs for hooking strapping

  • Allows for strapping to hold from top or bottom

  • Tabs are bent with screw driver to allow strapping to pass

  • Tabs are bent back to retain strap in position in cutout

  • Dimpled Holes facilitate the use of power driver to quickly insert self
    tapping screws
Heavy duty staps
Under Development
Under Development
Use power driver to drive self-tapping screws
to quickly attach a variety of standard pipe clamps
easy to mantain consistant spacing.

  •  Many more options, configurations and solutions possible
Other QuakeClamp Possibilities  
Under Development  
Patent # 8,714,495
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