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Ladder Jack hooks slip over
1-1/4" standard pipes to
provide a support for a catwalk.
Two or three cantilevered pipes
provide rungs  for standard ladder
jack/scaffold support to hook
QuakeClamps are used to attach three
pipes to I-Beam posts.  Using two  at
a time allows the hight
of the scaffold to be adjusted
Provides quick method to install
catwalk between sign posts
QuakeClamps used to attach short
lengths of strut channels to I-Beams for
attaching conduit under floating docks
QuakeClamps are easy for divers to
attach under the docks
Not an actual picture of a dock where used
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Temporary or Permanent Equipment
Support Platforms can be quickly created
to support a wide variety of devices.

Examples:  HVAC Equipment, Desks,
Work Tables, Cable Trays, Conduits,etc.

Attachments in both directions are shown