• No welding or drilling Holes needed

  • Strong positive connection across beam

  • Fast attachment to center of beam
  • Positive connection between sides of Beam

  • Does not rely on friction

  • Spring like holding

  • With stood prolonged violent shake testing

  • Meets building code requirements

  •  One person can attach

  • Mounts on straight or tapered flanges

  • Easy access to nut

  • Set Screw to reduce potential sliding on the beam

  • Square washers to reduce potential sliding of strut  
  • Simple

  • Flexible

  • Use common components with the QuakeClamp

  • Simple Hanger Clips on both clamp bodies
Hanger Options
In-Line  Attachment
Seismic  Benefits
Fast Easy Single Nut Installation
Preventing Movement
New Product Developement
US Patent Numbers

  • One Hanger Clip for multiple diameter rods

  • Works with 1/4" - 3/4" threaded rods

  • Use different washers but the same hanger clip

  • As  nuts on each side are tightened the slotted washer
    locks against the threaded rod.
Position Locking
  • "U" Hanger Clip QuakeClamp. Locks
    strut channel from sliding through

  • Notched Washer adds to the
    resistance to sliding

  • QuakeClamp bolt extension - Use 2
    short bolts instead of one long bolt
  • "L" Hanger Clip for strut
    channels attached with a
    QuakeClamp that includes
    strut locking notches.
9/16" nut makes it simple to lock
clamp assembly to the strut using
the same wrench that Attaches the
clamp.  Pre-assembled
A bolt or a bolt with a flat
washer can be used to
eliminate any possibility of
strut channel sliding through